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A convenient and effective way to tell the whole story of your products

When visitors search your online store, they expect to find products that have been promoted in recent campaigns. Yet campaigns often describe products differently from the more factual way you present the products in your store. To increase conversion while also improving brand identity, you can enable visitors to search for and find products based on your campaign wording. To do this, you need to integrate your search index with campaign material typically stored in an e-mail campaign or similar system.

Other information visitors expect to find when searching for products can include details about loyalty program rewards, stock availability, customer reviews, previously purchased products, “other visitors also viewed/bought this product,” and more. All this information is typically stored in your ERP system, product information system (PIM) or inventory management system, and it also needs to be integrated with your search index.

More than 80 integration elements

Sitecore Search Solution easily integrates with the most commonly used back-end systems via our content integration framework. This framework offers more than 80 integration elements, from SQL-connectors for databases to web crawlers for websites and file systems for document content. The framework can handle integration with a large number of content sources, regardless of update frequency. And it does so with a minimum of complexity and implementation time.

Systems and platforms we have integrated with include Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft Navision/Axapta/C5, SAP and Microsoft SharePoint.

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What is Sitecore Search Solution?

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