Sitecore Experience Platform

Driving customer engagement on a visionary, scalable and flexible platform

Alpha Solutions in recognized as one of the most competent and experienced Sitecore Solution Partners worldwide.

We believe we have a convincing customer record and proven implementation skills, having built more than 50 Sitecore solutions (see customer cases on your left). We have also rendered architectural consultancy services on some of the largest and most complex Sitecore solutions to date, as well as participated in implementing or stabilizing them. Examples of these are the US Air Force/US Defence Ministry (US), Hershey Chocolate (US), Investis (UK), SIOL (Slovenia), and Thomas Cook (Benelux).

A Customer Experience Platform to support your online strategy and e-commerce

In overall terms, Sitecore is an enterprise web content management system and customer experience management platform (CXM). It combines web content management with customer intelligence to create a single view of your customer and to drive relevant and meaningful business interactions.

Providing a multi-site enviroment, an intranet portal set-up and e-commerce in a cohesive, open platform, Sitecore facilitates multichannel delivery, content targeting, analytics, and integration with other CXM technologies. It supports all major languages.

Sitecore Experience Platform

With Sitecore Experience Marketing (xMarketing), Sitecore also offers marketing automation and web optimization, as well as social media and campaign management technologies. This makes it easy for your business to identify, serve, engage and convert new customers online.

A search-based architecture to expose customer relevant information

With a search-based architecture, Sitecore offers marketers the ability to manage search, delivering a customer experience that is relevant, immediate, and integrated across channels.

However, Alpha Solutions has taken search to the next level by developing Sitecore Search Solution. Sitecore Search Solution provides you with functionalities for personalizing the search or shopping experience to individual customers while at the same time managing what the customers find on your website – all in line with your sales priorities. We call it searchandizing (search + merchandize)! Some of the features used for this are linguistic management, ranking models, search prioritization and search promotions. They come out-of-the-box and are easily managed by marketers or content editors with no use of IT developers.

A scalable and flexible platform with intuitive editing

Sitecore is built on Microsoft .NET. It offers an extensive API framework for easy integration to your back-end systems.

It scales to unprecedented levels of content storage and retrieval, enabling marketers to access and manage tens of millions of content items. Alpha Solutions was the first to demonstrate the scalability of the Sitecore platform and has built some of the largest solutions to date with good performance.

Sitecore’s development platform, integrated marketing automation tools and intuitive editing workspace (e.g., write directly in the HTML on the frontend of your website when in edit mode), allow you to rapidly implement, measure and manage a successful website and online business strategy, focusing on engaging customers instead of managing data.

With, Sitecore has added enterprise-scale e-commerce capabilities to their platform. This provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for customers that want to engage in e-commerce.

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