Sitecore Commerce Server

Multi-channel enterprise commerce solution

Alpha Solutions has a wide experience in implementing and customizing Sitecore Commerce Server as part of larger commerce platforms, encompassing both online and offline business activities.

For B2C and B2B solutions – high performance

CommerceServer delivers relevant, personalized experiences for online shoppers and allows you to create multi-channel commerce applications like business-to-consumer sales (B2C) of both tangible and digital goods or online service delivery as well as business-to-business scenarios (B2B), such as e-procurement and trading communities.

With CommerceServer, you can create websites as well as mobile applications, kiosk applications, or Rich interactive applications - all of which can support millions of users based on the same technological foundation and handling more than 100.000 orders per day.

Providing the building blocks for e-commerce

CommerceServer is easily managed, providing the building blocks for e-commerce as for example order management and product catalogues. It provides customer specific price settings out-of-the-box and has a motor to handle all most commonly used discount structures, Customized discounts are easily added. With no redundancy in product data, meaning that all master data refers to a single directory, the same product can appear in four different contexts, each with a unique text and price.

CommerceServer provides multilingual and multi-currency support. It is PCI compliant, supporting one-click buy.

Stand alone system or solution component

Like Sitecore, all management tasks (maintenance of product data, discount rules, customer information, stock, etc.) are exposed both as graphical user interface and as API's for easy integration with all back end systems. The platform can be used as a stand alone system or as a solution component, which is not visible from a user interface. The latter is possible as all entities, like a product catalogue or user profiles can be maintained from other systems (PM, Active Directory, etc.).