E-commerce platform in the cloud

On demand capacity with strong merchandising and omnichannel features

Alpha Solutions is the most experienced Professional Partner appointed by Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) in Denmark.

As per june 2016 Salesforce acquired Demandware Inc. and the commerce platform is now marketed as Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform helps manufactures, distributors, and retailers with the speed, agility, and innovation needed to compete in the new retail reality - both online and offline.

Faster time-to-market for new products, services, and geographies

Based on a scalable cloud infrastructure with optimal performance 99.98 availabiliy and security. Salesforce Clommerce Cloud removes the complexities of traditional licensed software, and allows retailers to focus on the strategic business initiatives that drive growth.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform supports:

  • Omnichannel. Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides an integrated set of tools and processes to power an omnichannel strategy, creating a consistent brand experience across channels. Salesforce Commerce Cloud supports multichannel, brick-and-mortar stores, desktop, tablet, and point of state (POS) for web inventory.

  • Marketing capabilities and personalization. Salesforce Commerce Cloud lets you develop creative and effective marketing campaigns fast, so you can attract new customers and forge stronger relationships with existing ones. In addition, you can attract new customers by improving search engine visibility and drive higher conversion and satisfaction by creating personalized experiences.

  • Streamlined end-to-end operations. Salesforce Commerce Cloud simplifies end-to-end commerce operations integrating order management, fulfillment, customer service, and eMarketing services capabilities.

  • Multi-brand and multi-site. Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows organizations to power a multi-brand, multi-site digital commerce strategy and create uniquely branded sites using a common infrastructure, integrations, and processes.

  • Scalability and global expansion. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is scalable on demand. A single template allows multiple geographies to manage local languages, custom and preferences on the same platform.

  • Innovation. Seamless upgrades deliver continuous innovation without disrupting your business, ensuring that platform functionality is always current , including the newest trends and features.

  • Manageable costs. Three cost categories are associated with the Commerce Cloud platform, i.e. implementation cost, fees and ongoing labor costs to administer, manage, and innovate on the Commerce Cloud platform. There are no additional costs for HW/SW, hosting, and operational maintenance.

With intuitive applications for both business and technical users, your merchants, developers and operations teams are empowered to respond with speed and agility to new market opportunities and unforeseen consumer expectations.


With the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, customers reported achieving benefits in three major areas:

  • Improved traffic volume, conversion rates, and average order value (AOV) resulting in higher revenue and profits.

  • Faster time-to-market for new products, services, and geographies.

  • Reduced development and integration costs.

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