High-end web portals made easy

Developing high-end web portals is not a task that should be left to any development team - but Alpha Solutions has repetedly shown that this is a task that is mastered.

Developing portal frameworks

Since 2004 Alpha Solutions has developed frameworks for high-performing web portals put in use for both public and private sector clients. Among the web portals and companies utilizing Alpha Solutions build frameworks are krak.dk, virk.dk, ug.dk, Experian, Ofir.dk, Søndagsavisen, Schultz Information and others.

Among the results Alpha Solutions can be proud of is being a major part of build a Virk.dk platform in 2004, when Kraks Forlag and IBM could not complete the technical milestones for the virk.dk portal. Alpha Solutions played a major role in the building of a new Microsoft and Sitecore based portal, which could pass the technical milestones for the client and run succesfully for the remaider of the project period. Build the right search-driven architecture based on Sitecore and FAST products made the application being able to sustain the load and meet the response time requirements of tests.

Search-driven portals

The virk.dk was the first major search-driven portal from the hands of the Alpha Solutions development teams - but during the last 6 years Alpha Solutions has used search software from vendors like FAST/Microsoft, Exalead, Apache Solr, Google, Oracle and Ankiro to build a number of search-driven portals. The customers on these platforms are companies like Den Blå Avis (eBay Classified Denmark), Bilbasen car classified, Gyldendals dictionaries, The Danish National Encyclopedia, Krak.dk (yellow pages), Ofir.dk job classified, Boligportalen housing classified, Schultz Information (legal information) - which all have build major search-driven portals.

he search-based platforms has also build major online commerce solutions like smartguy/smartgirl/smartsmall, SAXO.com, Phaseone and Home Entertainment - as well the major travel agency Thomas Cook.