High performing platforms with advanced merchandise functionalities to grow your business

Alpha Solutions helps clients with all technology aspects of e-commerce, building B2C and B2B webshops, which support branding initiatives at the same time as they ease and personalize the shopping experience, and improve loyalty - across channels as well as globally.

We develop solutions to cater for high visitor traffic with many transactions, and a large number of products. With a yearly 2-300% growth in online sale, our customer TOP-TOY has more than 250,000 visitors entering their sites on a busy day. Our customer SAXO.com has more than 4 million products in their webshop.

Alpha Solutions builds e-commerce solutions on a range of different technologies like Sitecore, Salesforce Commerce Cloud ( Demandware ) , Commerce Server, uCommerce, Sitecore Seach Solution (Solr), RichRelevance, Raptor and many more.

When recommending technologies, our choice will rely on the customers' ambitions, the nature and complexity of their products and to which degree they wish to be involved in the technology operations.

These are examples of features and functionalities that we have implemented, and which have proven effective to grow customer engagement and increase conversion rates:

Branding and product findings

  • POWERING E-CATALOGUES. Allow ‘one-click shopping’ of the products displayed in your online catalogue.


  • BRAND UNIVERSES. Promote high-end brands with special effects and their own look and feel.

  • SEARCH. Give visitors a range of search options, guiding them to the right product or service with just a few clicks. Stem the increasing abuse of credit cards, etc.

Buying experience

  • A BRANDED BUYING FLOW. Contribute to the overall brand experience by providing a unique, branded shopping experience from filling the basket to receiving the purchase confirmation.

  • PREFERRED PAYMENT PROVIDERS. Avoid loosing customers in the check out by offering locally preferred payment providers.

  • FRAUD DETECTION. Stem the increasing abuse of credit cards, etc.

Retailing / merchandising

  • LEAD GENERATION. Help your sales department with more qualified leads from your website, derived from automated qualification processes.

  • ABANDONED BASKET. Follow-up on abandoned baskets by personalized, value-adding offerings, sending an e-mail or by displaying “thrilling” marketing banners in your add network to get visitors back in the buying loop.

  • E-commerce

  • PERSONALIZATION. Get easily manageable tools to give your customer a unique and personalized shopping experience, based on behavior and customer intelligence.

  • SEARCHANDIZING. Promote your choice of products at the top of a customer’s search result list. MERCHANDIZING Get tools to promote products to increase up-sale/cross-sales, for example with an intelligent mix of recommendation tools.

  • MULTI-CHANNEL RETAILING. Let your customers shop through their preferred channel, making your products and services available online and via mobile devices and enlarge the product range of your physical stores by in-store kiosks.

  • OMNI-CHANNEL RETAILING. Is the evolution of multi-channel retailing. Give your customers more informative and personalized service by tracking them across all channels.

Customer loyalty

  • TRACK & TRACE MAILS. Invite customers to loyalty crating actions, e.g. sign up for loyalty program.

  • CAMPAIGNS. Launch special campaigns, provide vouchers through URLs, etc.

  • NEWSLETTERS. Create personalized newsletters with product news, campaigns and special offers.

  • MANAGEMENT OF LOYALTY PROGRAMS.  Ensure that members get the right offers and accrue buying points.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA. Accommodate social media activity in your e-commerce shop to reach new customer segments but also to support your omni-channel strategy.

We integrate with a number of back-end systems (ERP, PIM, CRM, 3rd party logistics providers, etc.), ensuring a smooth and integrated user experience as well as easy administration and content management.

For design and UX, we collaborate with the best expertise in the field.

For more details on the above features and functionalities, and how they were implemented at our customers, please call +45 2269 5960 or e-mail klp@alpha-solutions.dk.