Search-driven e-commerce platform for the Nordic

Integrating online and offline shop activities (omni-channel)

TOP-TOY’s competitive advantage is their online and offline presence, so besides initiatives to seize the surging online business, TOP-TOY continues focusing on improving their omni-channel customer experience.


TOP-TOY’s e-commerce platform was launched in 2010 based on Sitecore Experience Platform for the CMS-part and Sitecore CommerceServer for the commerce-part.

As part of TOP-TOY’s omni-channel strategy, Alpha Solutions also developed a service architecture for Fætter BR’s app for Android and iOS. The app allows customers to make electronic wish lists by scanning barcodes or by free text search and to share the lists via email, SMS or Facebook.

BR app new

In 2014, TOP-TOY chose to upgrade Sitecore CommerceServer to version 11 to join the frontrunners. Sitecore Commerce handles Fætter BR's vouchers and their complex discount structures that combine Club BR discounts with periodic bundles and campaigns.

The upgrade coincided with the launch of a new responsive design in a "next-generation” layout, which was developed by TOP-TOY's own Retail Digital Department.

All content on the web shop is search-driven. Empowered by Sitecore Search Solution, all product views and list views are created using search based on metadata. There is no hand-written menu structures. This allows a very effective maintenance of a site with a catalog of more than 15,000 units and 30% annual renewal.

The solution integrates with Responsys and Adobe Marketing Cloud, allowing TOP-TOY to send personalized newsletters to their customers based on expected product needs, "abandoned cart” mails, etc.

For order management, the platform integrates with an Oracle-based ERP system as well as a third-party logistics system for shipment directly to the customer or to the stores for 'click and collect'. Via the ERP system, 'Big'N'Heavy goods' are also handled in a drop-shipping solution, allowing playgrounds and other bulk products to be sent directly from the manufacturer to the customer.


The upgraded e-commerce platform and the new design provides a state-of-the-art shopping experience with smarter and more inspiring customer guidance. This has resulted in improved conversion rates and more items per order.

Jacob Borup, CRM & Omni-channel Development Manager at TOP-TOY says about the partnership:

“Alpha Solutions has always been a very strong partner. They understand our needs as well as the needs of our customers. They have a great understanding of the overall solution and the history that forms the basis for many of the considerations that have brought us to where we are today. They have a deep business understanding which has made a difference over the years".

In a response time analysis of large Danish webshops made by the analysis and security company Digicure in March 2015, Fætter BR topped the overall ranking. Fætter BR’s re-sponse time was 1.24 seconds compared to an average of 2.25 seconds.

The solution has received the Sitecore Experience Award for the Best Danish Site in 2011 and for the Best Sitecore Commerce Experience 2014.

After the end of a successful partnership through seven years, TOP-TOY chose to change their platform to SAP Hybris in 2017.


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