Search-driven portal for social services and treatments

Geo-referenced or listed search results to meet different user needs

Due to the great complexity of choosing the right social services and treatment to an individual citizen, Socialstyrelsen wanted to offer an advanced search functionality to help citizens and their relatives, as well as municipal caseworkers to quickly and effectively find the most suitable offers at the cheapest price on


In May 2011, Alpha Solutions began to develop a new search site for Socialstyrelsen. With large volumes of structured data, Alpha Solutions decided that a search-driven architecture with faceted search would be particularly suitable to help users do a quick filtering of the many offerings based on relevant search criteria like target group, age, performance, geography, legal basis, etc. The solution was built on Umbraco as CMS. For advanced search functionality, Solr was used.

With two primary user groups, citizens versus municipal social caseworkers, having very different qualifications for finding the right services or treatments, it was decided to develop two separate entry points on the website for a customized search experience.


As an alternative to the typical list view, the citizens are offered a geographical view, i.e. a map of Denmark, on which treatment facilities have been marked. This allows citizens to find relevant offers near their home, a school or another institution without missing deals in a neighboring municipality.

Unlike citizens, caseworkers search for services and treatments based on a client’s diagnosis, legal obligations, a known supplier, price or similar. Instead of a map, the caseworker retrieves a column-based list of relevant offers based on the selected criteria. He or she can make an additional filtering by using a fourth column. With this column, the caseworker can choose from more than thirty different information categories, providing focus and flexibility at the same time.

Both the citizen and the social worker can compare offers, and it is possible to save complex searches as for example “alcohol treatment for young people in the metropolitan area with criminal background”, etc.

Currently, Alpha Solutions is implementing a new design. With larger color contrasts, it will become easier for visually impaired people to use the site as well.

Additionally, Alpha Solutions is restructuring the search functionality of the site, changing focus from single offerings to service packages for easy comparison. In addition, a new social regulatory reform will be implemented.

Since launch of the search site, Alpha Solutions has implemented a new design. With larger color contrasts, it has become easier for visually impaired people to use the site.

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