Search-driven digital platform integrating brand sites with second-hand car

Lead generation to dealers based on online customer behaviour

In the summer of 2011, NCG decided to renew their digital platform. They wanted to integrate online business more closely with offline business.


Based on NCG’s needs and wishes, Alpha Solutions decided to implement Sitecore Experience Platform. For a simple and intuitive way to help customers find the car they are looking for, Sitecore Search Solution was implemented. Especially in relation to handling of secondhand car search with many entities and many preferential choices such as brand, model and year, it was a strong choice. The site adapts smoothly to the customers’ needs, which helps increase conversion rates (i.e. increase sales).

For easier adaption in a fast moving business as well as to keep down development and maintenance cost, components were reused across different brands and sites.

The solution was integrated with Globase (e-mail marketing system), Bilinfo (an online administration, sales and advertising tool), Jyffi (calculating car loans), and Biltorvet (a marketplace for cars from dealers).


About 80% of these sites are brand universes for new cars including large photos, videos and similar visuals to help increase brand value. Great importance was attached to incorporating many 'calls to action' and to tie the various brand universes together with the sale of second-hand cars, for example through search widgets, making the brand universes help improve conversion by directing leads to dealers.

The website continuously registers what the user is doing in order to offer more relevant product suggestions.

Faceted search was applied to help the customers narrow their needs quickly, i.e. filtering the search results by product characteristics such as brand, model under price, color.

For the sale of additional services, Alpha Solutions developed a ‘real-time’ finance calculator . It is integrated with NCG’s finance system. The calculator is automatically updated with price and year of the car that the customer is looking at.

A service calculator, which helps the customer find the right service agreement for a car, has also been developed.

NCG is currently in the process of implementing a new CRM system to be integrated with Sitecore. This relates to NCG’s objective to collect all customer information that NCG gets online and offline, making it available offline as well.

Three new sites are to be developed for Jaguar (.dk, .no and .se) with a new design and new front end.

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