Cloud-based multi-channel webshop

Strong 'out-of-the-box' merchandising features

In 2009, Magasin launched their first online shop, followed by a second one in 2011, but to meet their ambitious sales targets, they wanted to develop a new generation online shop with more advanced e-commerce functionalities.


In May 2012, Alpha Solutions began to build the new online shop based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a cloud-based e-commerce platform with a wide range of 'out of the box" functionalities. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is especially strong within merchandising functions, such as managing campaigns and promotions. In coordination with their offline activities, their intention was to tie customers closer to the business through a number of loyalty initiatives, e.g. Magasin Goodie Card.

The shop was build according to Magasin’s design and with integration to their ERP-system, payment gateway, fraud detection as well as warehousing and distribution.



The new online shop went live as planned in September 2012.

The solution contains a number of brand stores, meeting the strict requirements for design and presentation of a particular brand. Magasin’s own employees can easily establish new brand shops without the involvement of Alpha Solutions.

Magasin Brand Universe Clinique 

A completely pioneering functionality within e-commerce is the ability to buy directly from Magasin’s online catalogues.

Magasin Powering eCatalogue

Since the launch, Alpha Solutions has implemented a new mobile shop. In addition to advanced shopping functionality, customers are guided to the nearest Magasin as well as informed about opening hours and parking.

Magasin mobilsite

Additional add-ons to the shop includes:


  • Dropshipping enablement
  • Omnichannel gift certificate
  • Fully automated RMA (returns)
  • Full CRM integration - Omnichannel Goodie Card
  • Bronto (email) email integration
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Sitecore integration - full blog universe, Ajour
  • Rich Relevance integration - advanced recommendation engine


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