Bringing a legacy product into the digital age

In many years Gyldendal has been synonymous with language dictionaries in Denmark. In addtion to still providing schools all over the country with language dictionaries in book form, Gyldendal wanted to have a digital version of the dictionaries.

This meant building a platform that was able to consume the data used for publishing the book form of the dictionaries and expand as new dictionaries and editions are published. It also meant building a platform that fast and easy was able to lookup the word requested across multiple dictionaries - utilizing the advantages a digital platform provides.

FAST and Sitecore was used to build the platform which consumes the XML used for the book publishing and indexes the dictionaries in the FAST search engine. This means that the editors of Gyldendal has to maintain the data in one place only - data is then sent to publishing and to the digital platform. Since then integration to and Translive (an on-the-fly phrase and pargraph translator).

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