Search and reporting via several technologies

Alpha Solutions has been working with Finanstilsynet (the Danish national financial board) since 2007, where a solution for reporting shareholder messages was established.


This solution was established over a very short project duration, where implementation and testing was performed in the course of 5 weeks. The scope of the project was to implement a “transparency perspective” from the EU – and the implementation took approximately 1500 hours in the short time frame.

Umbraco, Microsoft .NET and Exalead

The project was established on a Microsoft platform, utilizing SQL server together with an open source CMS called Umbraco. The solution has been running stably for Finanstilsynet since 2007, and the support contract was extended by 2 years.


Since the original implementation, a more advanced search motor from Exalead has been incorporated, and amongst other things a more flexible RSS implemented so that users can tailor their own feeds. The search solution under the OASM reporting platform is just about to be re-launched, and it will subsequently appear as in the following.

Webbased SOA and Integration to CVR

The solution integrates an SOA with a human reporting interface and system integration via web services. It is solely the presentation layer that uses different channels for communication and authorization – while the real handling of a report occurs via SOA calls. More than 90% of all reports are input via a web service interface, which is used by the large service providers in stock exchange information.


The system includes a third-party proxy function, so that power of attorney can be granted to allow reporting on behalf of others. Both digital signature and username/password support is used, with varying rights control. Integration with the CVR (central business register) is used to validate company information.

Sitecore and Exalead

In 2007 Finanstilsynet chose to also establish a new website. This project was performed by Addition with Bysted as the supplier of design and IA (information architecture) along with Alpha Solutions. The website solution was established on the Sitecore CMS platform.


In this solution, a search machine from French Exalead has been integrated – and this has given the users of Finanstilsynet’s website the possibility for searching in a number of different databases via one interface. Among other things, it is possible via the website to search in company reports, which are found in the report solution, and also in the register of companies under supervision.

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