New e-commerce platform

Integration to SAP and PIM

DLG wanted to replace their existing, non-integrated webshops with a flexible and integrated e-commerce platform including a variety of tools to attract visitors and increase sales.


The new solution was based on Sitecore Experience Platform. Sitecore Experience Marketing was used for personalization, and Sitecore Ecommerce Services for the shopping functionality.

Due to the large product portfolio, Sitecore Search Solution was added to help visitors find relevant products quickly and intuitively, and to allow DLG to promote products based on visitor behavior.

For access to order and customer information, the Sitecore platform was integrated with SAP via web services.

All product data were transferred from the ERP system to the PIM (Product Information System) and equally integrated with Sitecore


The first shop, Land & Fritid (Land & Leisure) was launched on the new platform in February 2013.

The solution allows DLG to move existing websites from other platforms to the new search-driven e-commerce platform in the coming years.

Together with 1508, Alpha Solutions is currently developing a self-service universe or a customer portal for the digital farmer. It allows the farmer to get an overview of his grain deliveries to DLG at the same time as he can see when and how much he will receive feed supplies or other goods from DLG.

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