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Payment & Fulfillment by B&O and Amazon

When launching the first B&O PLAY webshop, all payment and fulfillment was handled by a third party provider, but along the way, B&O PLAY decided to insource these processes.

Consequently, B&O PLAY wanted to establish a new checkout flow with integrations into:

  • B&O PLAY’s highly branded product universe.
  • Their SAP ERP system.
  • The payment and anti-fraud provider, AltaPay.
  • Besides the checkout flow, B&O PLAY wanted an advanced merchandising functionality for their webshop.


The checkout flow was established on Sitecore Experience Platform using Sitecore Ecommerce Services to handle orders and prices in different currencies.

To support the need for merchandising features, Sitecore Rules Engine was used for creating advanced discount models. It offers easy execution of individual, personalized discount rules for calculating the cart as well as for campaigns.

Sitecore Email Experience Manager was used for creating personalized emails to customers related to a purchase.

Sitecore’s Experience Automation was used to handle flows into and out of the platform. For accounting and logistics flows, integration was made to SAP ERP, enabling:

  • Order flows from Sitecore into SAP.
  • Order confirmation from SAP to Sitecore when the order status is updated, resulting in an email to the customer.
  • Emails created by Sitecore Engagement Plan with a Track & Trace information link from SAP, allowing customers to follow their orders.
  • Order status update when the order is shipped, resulting in execution of the payment.
  • Order invoice from SAP being linked to the order in Sitecore.


The new designed checkout flow was launched on time – in less than two months – with roll-out to 12 markets with different languages and currencies over the following weeks. Designed to match the highly branded product pages, the checkout flow allows customers to get a coherent brand experience when shopping.


Other Project Deliverables

Following launch of the check-out flow, this is an example of other deliverables by Alpha Solutions:

  • AMAZON - PAYMENT AND FULFILLMENT PARTNER FOR THE US MARKET. Mid 2014, B&O PLAY decided to launch a webshop for the American market. Due to the cost and risk of managing the distribution and RMA themselves, they decided to engage with Amazon.This means that Alpha Solutions integrated B&O PLAY’s website frontend with Amazon’s seller central, which offers payment flows and shipment for serving customers all over the US. Once the order is in the system, Amazon will pick the product from one of their fulfillment centers and ship it to the customer. 

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